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  • Portraits From Above 樓上風光

Portraits From Above 樓上風光

Hong Kong's Informal Rooftop Communities 香港天臺窩

Rufina Wu, Stefan Canham

English, Chinese , 2009/01 MCCM Creations

Tags: Hong Kong Studies, Cultural Studies

248 x 225 mm , 276pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-99843-8-0

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大半個世紀以來,在高樓大廈天臺自建的住房,已成為香港歷史不可或缺的一部分。天臺屋的規模,可以簡單如貧窮戶的簡陋居室,又或複雜如多層建築組成,並備有現代化設計和設施的房子。建築師鄔南薰和攝影師斯特凡.坎漢透過文字故事、建築繪圖和高解像照片,記錄五個座落於九龍舊區(現亦成為香港市區重建局選定進行重建的地方)大廈的天臺戶,敘述二十多個天臺屋居民的故事,展現一個嶄新的香港天臺屋視野。 Self-built settlements on the roofs of high-rise buildings have been an integral part of Hong Kong's history for over half a century. Rooftop structures range from basic shelters for the disadvantaged to intricate multi-storey constructions equipped with the amenities of modern life. Rufina Wu (Canada) and Stefan Canham (Germany) utilize the tools of an architect and the tools of a photographer to document rooftop communities on five buildings located in older districts in the Kowloon Peninsula, slated for redevelopment by the Urban Renewal Authority of Hong Kong. Text records of the residents' stories, measured drawings of each distinct rooftop structure, and high-resolution images of the domestic interiors of more than twenty households offer an unprecedented insight into the everyday life on Hong Kong's rooftops. 大半個世紀以來,在高樓大廈天臺自建的住房,已成為香港歷史不可或缺的一部分。天臺屋的規模,可以簡單如貧窮戶的簡陋居室,又或複雜如多層建築組成,並備有現代化設計和設施的房子。鄔南薰和斯特凡‧坎漢透過文字故事、建築繪圖和高解像照片,記錄五個座落於九龍舊區(現亦成為香港市區重建局選定進行重建的地方)大廈的天臺戶,?述二十多個天臺屋居民的故事,展現一個嶄新的香港天臺屋視野。

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