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  • The Walls and Waters

The Walls and Waters

A Comparative Study of City Cultures in Modern China-Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Philip Y.S. Leung

English , 2002/01 Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute Ocasional Paper Series Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

Tags: China Studies, Hong Kong Studies

215 x 140 mm , 36pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-441-805-7

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The central thesis of this paper is that there is a close relationship between environment and culture. The development and evolution of a city culture in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, depended very much on the interaction of two environments: the natural and the artificial. The paper will first examine and analyze the cultural significance of a man-made environment, as represented by the walls of the city. It will then analyze the natural environment, focusing on the impact of waterways and waterfronts in the evolution of a city's culture.

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