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  • Family Support Networks in the Chinese Countryside

Family Support Networks in the Chinese Countryside

William L. Parish, et al.

English , 1996/01 USC Seminar Series Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

Tags: China Studies

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China's countryside is in the midst of a massive organizational and economic shift. In that shift, one of the institutions likely to be reshaped is the family. Using new survey data, this paper examines the nature of parent-child ties, with an emphasis on how the shift to family farming, new economic opportunities, and migration reshape those ties. The examination includes not only coresidence patterns, visiting, and parental support, but also a particular emphasis on the changing nature of support from daughters. Theory There are several aspects of changes over the last fifteen years that should have reshaped family life. The existing literature, though far from completely consistent on predictions, provides some clues as to the probable consequences of those changes.

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