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  • Western Press Coverage of News in the Third World

Western Press Coverage of News in the Third World

A Bibliographical Review of Literature (1976-1988)

Sunny Tszesun Li

English , 1990/01 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Reference

236 x 160 mm , 160pp ISBN : 978-962-201-532-6

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This bibliography comprises three parts: journal articles (including trade journals and magazines); books, book chapters, papers and reports; and doctoral dissertations and master's theses. It concentrates on the debate surrounding the New World Information Order as well as the content analyses of Western print media coverage of the Third World, in particular, that of the United States.

Ronald Suleski is a specialist in the history of Manchuria. He obtained his master's degree and doctoral degree from the University of Michigan. He has written serveral research papers on regional development and Japanese immigrants in Manchuria.

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