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  • 澳門常見的飛蛾 Some Moths We Have Found in Macau

澳門常見的飛蛾 Some Moths We Have Found in Macau

Emmett R. Easton, 潘永華

English, Chinese , 1995/01 University of Macau

Tags: Sciences

290 x 215 mm , 27pp ISBN : 978-972-96791-1-7

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本書為澳門大學教授Emmett R. Easton及海島市政廳潘永華合撰。全書中、英文對照,介紹澳門常見的昆蟲綱中鱗翅目,即常見的蝶蛾類,包括尺蛾科、夜蛾科等十二類飛蛾,為昆蟲愛好者不可錯過之讀物。 Emmett Easton is a researcher on insects, who devoted more than a decade to Entomology and Plant Science while he was in the United States. Easton and Pun Wing Wah, a Macau local and co-author, put together their research on moths inhabiting Macau and finally produced this pictorial, bilingual publication.

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