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  • The Water of Love

The Water of Love

Stephen Palmquist

English , 2003/01 Philopsychy Press, Hong Kong

Tags: Psychology

210 x 140 mm , 310pp ISBN : 978-962-7770-45-9

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The Water of Love is based on the lectures delivered for the "Philosophical Issues in Religion" and "philosophy of Loves" classes Stephen Palmquist taught at Hong Kong Baptist University. It is the third in a trilogy of text on "philopsychy". This term, meaning "soul-loving", refers to a creative and disciplined application of learning that incorporates insights from fields such as philosophy and psychology to encourage a heightened awareness of one's own self and others. The first two books in the series consist of lectures for classes he teaches on philosophical insight (The Tree of Philosophy [4th edition, 2000]) and on psychological insight (Dreams of Wholeness [1997]). Love is the foundation stone of all human life, just as water is responsible for sustaining life more than any other single substance. The human body is made up mostly of water, as is the planet earth. In the lectures Stephen Palmquist use the transformations of water, both chemically and naturally as a metaphor for the transformations of love in human experience.

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