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  • Crossing Boundaries 藝術走過界

Crossing Boundaries 藝術走過界

Art x City x People


English, Chinese , 2011/01 MCCM Creations

Tags: Art

255 x 200 mm , 192pp ISBN : 978-988-18584-1-2

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'It's good if the art helps people to stop / pause from their routines.'
'We call public art 'listening energy'.'
'Public art can be communicative, like creating a new game.'

Public art has been a recent topic of fervent discussion in Hong Kong. Established over decades in Western societies, the art is still debatable from the point of view of aesthetics, the use of public space, to the participation of stake-holders. Trespassing borders between fine art, design, architecture, environment and planning, public art can create a platform for issues such as public awareness, city identity, economic and environmental sustainability. It can provoke questions and actions for a contextually unique future.

Using City Art Square in Shatin as an example, Crossing Boundaries invited over thirty artists, architects, curators, residents, venue owners, sponsors, policy-makers, urban-planners and others to explore various possibilities of public art in Hong Kong.




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