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  • 難得糊塗 The Comedy of Errors (缺貨)

難得糊塗 The Comedy of Errors (缺貨)

William Shakespeare / 黎翠珍 翻譯

English, Chinese , 2005/09 Jane Lai Drama Translation Series Hong Kong Baptist University, Centre for Translation and International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)

Tags: Literature, Translation

185 x 135 mm , 95pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-8321-47-6

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威廉‧莎士比亞(William Shakespeare)劇本中最短的一部,兩對攣生兄弟失散多年,兄往城中尋弟,同日同地陰錯陽差下誤認錯摸,笑料百出。

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