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  • 香港視覺藝術年鑑2014 Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2014

香港視覺藝術年鑑2014 Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2014

唐錦騰 編

Chinese , 2015/08 Department of Fine Arts, CUHK

Tags: Art

265 x 210 mm , 335pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-705-525-9

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Launched in 2000, Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook, bilingual in Chinese and English supplemented by images, is the most comprehensive annalistic tool book for Hong Kong Visual Arts.

The Yearbook is comprised of two sections, "Essays" and "Chronicles". The former is made up of contributions from academic experts who draw comprehensive commentaries while focusing on selective local visual art issues. The latter gathers and catalogs all types of visual arts events of the year. "Essays" are subjective observation and analysis on a broad scope; "Chronicles" are microscopic listing of objective data. These two are interdependent of yet complementary to each other.' (Front Flap)

於2000年初次出版,至今已逾十載。中英文雙語印行,圖文並茂。為迄今最全面的香港視覺藝術編年工具書。 分為「專題論述」和「視藝記事」兩大部分,編集全年本地藝術家於本地及海外的視藝活動,並結合學者專家的分析論文:一為宏觀主觀的觀察陳述;一為微觀客觀的數據縷述,兩者互相依存,互為補充。 (摘錄自書皮瓣)

Essays | 專題論述

Video Art in Hong Kong: Organologic Sketches for a Dispersive History | 錄像藝術在香港:一個飄散的歷史存實的內部勾描 - LAI Chiuhan Linda(黎肖嫻)

Who Needs Criticism? For Art Writing, Art Development, and the Art World | 誰需要藝術評論?藝術寫作、藝術發展與藝術世界 - (Group) Art Appraisal Club(遊藝說論)

Back to Basics: Trying for the "International" as Good | 還原基本步:如果「國際化」是一種「善」 - YEUNG Yang(楊陽)

Art Censorship: the Ambiguous Definitions of Pornography/Erotica | 審查藝術:難為色情/情色定分界 - LAI Minghoi Victor(黎明海), TAO Winghong Vincent(陶穎康)

Tertiary Art Education in Hong Kong: Teaching and Research of Chinese Art History | 香踡專上藝術教育—中國藝術史教學與研究 - WAN Laina Nina(溫麗娜)

Chronicles: Public Issues | 視藝記事:公眾議題

When the Arts Responds to the "Umbrella Movement" | 以創作介入「雨傘運動」

HKADC Project Grant Analysis 2000 - 2014 | 香港藝術發展局2000至2014計劃資助分析 - HO Yanyee Queenie(何欣宜)

West Kowloon Cultural District | 西九文化區

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