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  • What Makes Organizational Restructuring Stressful? (out of stock)

What Makes Organizational Restructuring Stressful? (out of stock)

A Community-level Analysis of Hong Kong Employees

Stephen W. K. Chiu & Yeuk-mui Tam

English , 2012/10 Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

Tags: Sociology

215 x 140 mm , 40pp ISBN : 978-962-441-220-8

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This paper examines how organizational restructuring in the Asian economy of Hong Kong, which has been adversely affected by economic globalization and the Asian financial crisis, has heightened work stress. Compared to previous work, which has mainly been limited to a specific occupation or employing organization, the present study uses an employee sample from a community-wide survey spanning different occupations and corporations. It also employs a more comprehensive measure of organizational restructuring than those used in previous studies. Our results show that organizational restructuring induced work stress through its effects on job-level changes that the employees personally experienced, perceived job insecurity, job dissatisfaction, negative evaluations of relationships with co-workers and management, as well as organizational commitment.

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