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  • The Suixi Dialect of Leizhou 遂溪方言的音韻詞彙與語法研究

The Suixi Dialect of Leizhou 遂溪方言的音韻詞彙與語法研究

A Study of Its Phonological, Lexical and Syntactic Structure

Anne O. Yue-Hashimoto 餘靄芹

English , 1985/01 T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre, CUHK

Tags: Languages & Linguistics

267 x 190 mm , 374pp ISBN / ISSN : UOT503

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This new study of a Chinese dialect is by Professor Anne O. Yue-Hashimoto of Washington University, Seattle. The dialect sutdied is that of Suixi in the Leizhou peninsula in Guangdong. The Suixi dialect, like Hainanese, belongs to one of the four districts which comprise the dialect area of Southern Min, but as it is more markedly different from Xiamen, the typical Southern Min dialect, it has more a character of its own. This work is the latest fruit of a comprehensive study of a Chinese dialect from the standpoint of contemporary linguistic theory.

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