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  • 廣納百川 Artistic Confluence in Guangdong (Out of Stock)

廣納百川 Artistic Confluence in Guangdong (Out of Stock)

明至清中期廣東書畫選(香港中文大學文物館藏品)Selected Painting and Calligraphy from Ming to Mid-Qing China (Collection of the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Written and compiled by Dr. Peggy Pik-ki Ho

English, Chinese , 2021/03 Art Museum, CUHK

Tags: Art

320 x 244 x 30 mm , 432pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-19493-6-3

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Written and compiled by Dr. Peggy Pik-ki Ho of the Art Museum of CUHK, this publication is a journey of retrospection and reconstruction of Guangdong painting and calligraphy from CUHK’s collection with in-depth and original research. It leads the readers to delve into the mindset of Guangdong cultural elites in relation to arts, culture, and history. On the occasion of celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Art Museum, we hereby commemorate the unparalleled efforts and enthusiasm of these pioneers in their quest for applying their learned knowledge of statecraft to practical affairs and contributing to the nation’s intellectual legacy. The catalogue consists of five chapters: “Introduction,” “Subtlety and Silence have Merits,” “The Reluctant Choice of Shunning from the World,” “The Century of Arts and Culture,” and “The Sweeping Wing and the Elegant Bamboo,” with about 130 paintings, calligraphic works and objects. 

Prof. Ho Chuan-hsing wrote the title of the catalogue. Conservation of exhibits was carried out by Master Xie Guanghan, Leung Kai-hin, Yeung Mung-chuk, and Woo Tsz-ming. The exhibits were photographed by Tang Ming-leung and the exquisite catalogue was meticulously designed by Lo Kwan-chi.



Dr. Peggy Pik-ki Ho obtained a PhD degree from the Graduate Institute of Art History, National Taiwan University. She was awarded twice the Fu Ssu-nian Scholarship from Academia Sinica and received the Doctoral Dissertation Award in Humanities and Social Sciences from National Science Council, Executive Yuan of Taiwan. She is a Research Associate of the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and a member of the Xiling Seal Engraver’s Society. She curated exhibitions and published scholarly catalogues including Artistic Confluence in Guangdong: Selected Painting and Calligraphy from Ming to Mid-Qing China (Collection of the Art Museum, CUHK) (2021, for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Art Museum), A Legacy of Elegance: Oracle Bones Collection from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017, associate editor and essay contributor, for the Sixtieth Anniversary of the United College) and The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Rubbings of Stone Engraving and Model-Calligraphy (2015). She assisted the installation of the well-received exhibition “Unrivalled Calligraphy: Yan Zhenqing and His Legacy” organized by the Tokyo National Museum (2019). She was also the author of The History of Model Calligraphy from the Imperial Archives of the Chunhua Era [Chunhua getie shihua] (2017) and Sincerity and Intelligence Endeavor: Collected Essays on the Spirit of New Asia College for General Education [Chengming fenjin: xinya jingshen tongshi ziliao xuanji] (2019, co-editor, for the Seventieth Anniversary of the New Asia College). She published over thirty research papers in academic journals such as the Journal of Gugong Studies, Taida Journal of Art History, The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly, The National Palace Museum Monthly, and so forth. She presented papers and gave lectures at the Palace Museum, Beijing, National Library of China, Shanghai Museum, Zhejiang University, China Academy of Art, Xiling Seal Engraver's Society, Hangzhou, the Xi’an Beilin Museum, and University of Heidelberg. She has studied the rubbings collection of the Art Museum and nominated twenty titles for the “National Catalogue of Precious Ancient Books,” and all of them were selected in 2016 and 2020. CUHK is the only Hong Kong institution which has been included in the list.


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