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  • (Out of Stock) Under the shade of the feijoa trees and other stories

(Out of Stock) Under the shade of the feijoa trees and other stories

Hayley Ann Solomon

English , 2019/03 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: International

216 x 140 x 10 mm , 148pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8491-44-5

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Under the shade of the feijoa trees offers a representative sample of Hayley Ann Solomon’s particular brand of high quality, emotionally resonant short stories. The styles and intensities vary extensively, but the common denominator is humanity in all its complexity, woven with philosophy.


“This eclectic and very personal collection of short stories by successful writer of genre fiction and emerging poet, Hayley Ann Solomon, describes in lyrical detail widely dispersed places and situations. The stories are well-constructed and intensely-felt and the author’s joy in the sounds and sequencing of beautiful words is evident.”

—Philip Chatting, Winner of the Proverse Prize 2014, author of The Snow Bridge and Other Stories (Proverse, 2015).

Hayley Ann Solomon is an award-winning author and poet.

A Librarian by training, Hayley has been a full time author for some years, winning repeated recognition in commercial genre fiction. In 2017—a new departure—her first poetry collection, Celestial Promise, received a Proverse Supplementary Prize. She travelled to Hong Kong for the launch of her book in November 2017 and was interviewed on Radio Television Hong Kong on Phil Whelan’s Morning Brew programme.

She was educated in both South Africa and New Zealand, majoring in English and Psychology and minoring in philosophy (University of Cape Town). She read for an Honours degree in Library and Information Science—B.Bibl (Hons)—through the University of South Africa, following that up with a Master’s degree in the same subject through the University of Victoria, Wellington.

Hayley lives in Blenheim, the South Island of New Zealand, in an olive grove surrounded by vineyards, with a sulphur crested cockatoo, a Derbyan parakeet and her surgeon husband. A first soprano with the Blenheim Choral Society, she is passionate about singing, and adores Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart and Handel, also singing contemporary pieces from time to time.

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