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  • (Out of Stock) Princess Flower

(Out of Stock) Princess Flower

Hasan ERKEK / Translated by Volga Yılmaz Gümüş / Edited by Gillian Bickley

English , 2016/04 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature

210 x 140 mm , 104pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8228-36-2

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PRINCESS FLOWER is the first English translation of a play originally written and performed in Turkish in Turkey.

           In traditional tales, it is usually a prince who sets out on an adventure to prove himself and/or to achieve some noble outcome to benefit others. But in Princess Flower, it is a princess who undertakes the adventure, encountering and overcoming obstacles, and showing her good qualities of character. Her rewards are the congratulations of her parents, the King and Queen, to see the flowers in her home country grow again, to enjoy the renewed flower harvest with her new husband, Prince Flower, and to reign with him as queen for the good of the people of the Land of Flowers.

           Children of eight years old and over will enjoy reading and acting this prize-winning play, which has been professionally performed.


The story

In a mythical Land of Flowers, where people earn their living by growing flowers, the Flower Princess is waiting for the flower harvest to marry the Flower Prince. But the queen has an accident which leads the king to issue a command that forbids women to go out to work anymore. They should stay at home engaged in housework. Soon all the flowers wither and die and even their seeds are useless. The king talks to the queen about what to do: “I should go to the Land of Giants to get more seeds, but I am old for the journey. If we only had a son, he could go to the Land of Giants for me.” Princess Flower, overhearing this, is hurt. “I can go!” So she does, riding her horse, Benny. They have many adventures, meeting creatures whom they help and who help them (a male and female nightingale, a buck and a doe, two white eagles, a female rabbit). Finally, in the Land of Giants, the Flower Princess is told, “If men and women work equally”, then the flowers will bloom again. She returns home with new seeds, given by the King and Queen of the Land of Giants and conveys this message. The king, her father, rescinds his command. Men and women work together again in the flower fields and elsewhere. The princess marries Prince Flower. Her father makes her Queen (with the consent of the people). The new Queen states that she would like Prince Flower to reign with her. There is dancing and rejoicing and the play ends.

HASAN ERKEK is a playwright, poet and professor of drama. He has published 25 artistic and academic books in twelve different countries and has received more than eighteen prizes. His published academic work focuses on the art of drama, while both his academic and creative work has a strong focus on theatre for children.

           His plays have been performed at more than 38 theatres including Turkish National Theatres and six in other countries. Approximately twenty of his radio plays have been broadcast by national radio stations in Turkey. Some of his film scripts have been filmed.

           Hasan Erkek has taken part and presented papers in many international theatre festivals, and more than a hundred of his articles have been published in various journals and newspapers. He has given courses in various faculties on play-reading, dramaturgy, dramatisation, creative writing, drama techniques and contemporary theatre

            Dr Erkek has served as an Executive Board Member and Vice-president in ASSITEJ Turkey, as the president of Turkish Playwrights and Play Translators Association and as the Head of the Department of Performing Arts at Anadolu University.

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