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  • Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts

Leung Ping Kwan / Translated by Brian Holton

English , 2015/11 Renditions Paperbacks Research Centre for Translation, CUHK

Tags: Literature; Translation

215 x 140 mm , 160pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7255-42-0

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Paper Cuts, Leung Ping Kwan's (Ye Si) landmark work of Hong Kong literature, first appeared in 1977 and has been much read and commented upon ever since. A novel that brings into being the dizzying topography of life in the fast-moving and ever-changing city, it features arresting meditations on the nature of subjectivity, personal relationships, the media world, art and culture, and above all conveys a profound sense of the bewildering pace of change in the modern city. In a virtuoso translation by Brian Holton which does full justice to the rich style of the original, this book is a major contribution to contemporary Asian literature.

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