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  • (Out of Stock) The Snow Bridge and Other Stories

(Out of Stock) The Snow Bridge and Other Stories

Philip Chatting

English , 2015/11 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature

216 x 140 mm , 340pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8227-82-2

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The settings of the stories in The Snow Bridge and Other Stories are drawn from a life spent in many countries. Several focus intently on a particular relationship: that between a husband and wife, mother and daughter, brothers, friends, partners, climbing-buddies, employer and employee; the relationship with an inner self; putative relationships that never quite begin, and relationships with a location, or the inhabitants of a small town. Other stories explore the long-term expatriate’s dilemma of engaging with a place not his or her own at the price of diminishing intimacy with the country of his or her birth.

        Described in Philip Chatting’s, ‘Author’s Introduction’, as, “entertainment”, the impact of the collection may prompt readers  to reflect on the nature of their own relationships and the place we each occupy in our own worlds.


“Philip Chatting is a master stylist…. He invests himself in the traumatic conflict, character identification, and ethical complication that sit at the heart of the heart of necessary and affecting social fiction.”──Jason S Polley (from his Advance Response to The Snow Bridge and Other Stories)


“The range of locations and…variety of characters…rarely come together in a single volume…. A unique collection reflecting the author’s varied history and his interests in the countries and cultures of the people among whom he has lived and travelled. It will appeal to those who share or would like to share similar experiences, as well as those who are curious to know about them.”──Mike Rowse (from his Preface to The Snow Bridge and Other Stories)

PHILIP CHATTING initially experimented briefly with an accounting career, but has spent the majority of his working life to date in human resource management in the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Asia, in industries as varied as copper mining, construction, newspapers and trade publishing. Since 1990 he has been employed as the Vice President of Human Resources by an export marketing company in Hong Kong.


An enthusiastic writer of many years standing, mainly in the area of management, in 2014 he fulfilled a long-standing ambition by completing and publishing a full-length novel.


Chatting presently lives with his family in Hong Kong, while two older sons carry on the family tradition of global citizenry by working, one in Sri Lanka and one in Qatar.


Outside work, writing and time with his family, his spare moments are spent reading, hill-walking, enjoying the theatre and listening to classical music.

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