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  • Camel Xiangzi 駱駝祥子

Camel Xiangzi 駱駝祥子

Lao She (老舍) / Translated by Shi Xiaojing

Bilingual , 2005/01 Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Translation, Bilingual, Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature

213 x 140 x 34 mm , 640pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-197-8

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Renowned for his absurdist re-visioning of the world and experimentation with the techniques of humour in his writings, Lao She has written about most major historical events in modern China. In is masterpiece Camel Xiangzi, he reveals his prophetic vision of the future of China. The novel depicts the life of Xiangzi, a young rickshaw-puller in Beijing, who fails to improve his life no matter how hard he works. When innocent people's hopes are destroyed, they are awakened to the truth that they are but playthings of fate, which is a Chinese concept for the unnameable in life's absurdities. The novel demonstrates the techniques of bitter humour Lao She employs in his portrayal of characters, who are caught in the endless social turmoil in the 1930s. The novel's socio-historical dimensions have made it a widely used text for the cultural analysis of modern China.


Lao She (1899–1966) is a master novelist and playwright famous for his re-visioning of China. Shi Xiaojing, the translator, works for the Foreign Languages Press in Beijing. Kwok-kan Tam, who wrote the introduction, is Professor in the Department of English at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

老舍 (1899-1966) 是著名小說家、劇作家,以其對中國的重新審視聞名於世。英文翻譯者施曉菁在北京外文出版社工作。導論作者譚國根為香港中文大學英文系教授。


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