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  • The Chess Master 棋王

The Chess Master 棋王

A Cheng (阿城) / Translated by W. J. F. Jenner

English, Chinese , 2005/07 Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Translation, Bilingual, Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature

213 x 140 mm , 150pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-237-1

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"The Chess Master" is a captivating tale of the dramatic transformation of the protagonist Wang Yisheng from an obsessive chess player into an enlightened chess master who understands the Tao of life. Although the story is set in the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution, it shuns the depiction of political violence and human suffering and focuses on the simple pleasures of life enjoyed by Wang and other high school students sent to work in state farms. It is noted for its celebration of friendship, occasional feasts, and Chinese chess, but the core of the story lies in A Cheng's belief in the great potential of seemingly ordinary people in self-transcendence.


A Cheng was born in Beijing in 1949. A self-taught painter and writer, he emerged from the ruins of the Cultural Revolution in 1979 by joining the Stars artists in their pioneering avant-garde exhibitions. His novella, "The Chess Master", published in 1984, was an instant success. It is now considered by many to be his tour de force and a masterpiece of modern Chinese fiction.

W. J. F. Jenner is a veteran translator of many major works of Chinese literature, including a complete translation of the classic novel Journey to the West. Ngai Ling-tun, who wrote the introduction, received his Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His representative publication in Chinese is Reading Fiction in Hong Kong.





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