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  • Hong Kong Apothecary 香港葫蘆賣乜藥

Hong Kong Apothecary 香港葫蘆賣乜藥

A Visual History of Chinese Medicine Packaging

Simon Go 吳文正

English , 2003/01 MCCM Creations

Tags: Art, Hong Kong Studies, History

248 x 228 mm , 200pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-86816-2-4

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《香港葫蘆賣乜藥》是作者歷時四年對中藥包裝研究之成果。作者先後訪問了多家中藥生號及製藥廠,獲得不少原始資料。本書集合了設計及文化資料。採用超過八百幅有關中藥包裝設計圖片作佐證,記錄了當代中藥包裝的發展變化,並回顧一些中藥店鋪自十九世紀中葉以來的變遷。本書曾榮獲2001年香港印刷冠軍獎。Hong Kong Apothecary: A Visual History of Chinese Medicine Packaging transport us to the exotic world of Chinese Medicine – a world of saan (powders), yun (pills), gou (plasters), dann (pellets), cha (herbal teas), yeow (medicinal oils), jiu (wine) and cures for every known ailment. These forms had a direct influence on the modes, materials, typefaces, patterns, and compositions used in packaging. Lavishly illustrated with graphical design motifs, this fascinating book also documents the contemporary changes and development in the packaging of Chinese patent medicines and the retropective changes in some Chinese medicine shops since the mid-19th century. Author Simon Go has combed manufacturers, shops, and home medicine cabinets for years collecting the most compelling examples. The result is a visual cabinet of curiosities, a graphical pharmacopoeia.

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