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  • Woman Unwanted 眾女尋她

Woman Unwanted 眾女尋她

artworks by Eva Yuen and Rosanna Li Wei Han 阮曼華、李慧嫻藝術作品

Eva Yuen (Artworks), Rosanna Li Wei Han (Artworks)

English, Chinese , 2003/01 MCCM Creations

Tags: Art

210 x 255 mm , 64pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-8681-63-1

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Two female artists voice their opinions on the attitudes of today’s women towards life and living through different art media. Rosanna Li’s witty, perceptive interpretation of modern day women is articulated through her ‘voluminous’ ceramic ‘woman’ sculpture series with Chinese diction. With her paper-bamboo head sculptures, artist Eva Yuen is elucidating the strength of will and delicate sensibility shown by women through an aesthetic portrayal of traditional Chinese women’s hairstyles.

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