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  • Women's Concern Groups in Hong Kong

Women's Concern Groups in Hong Kong

Betty L.L. Yau, Kit Chun Au, Fanny M. Cheung

English , 1992/01 HKIAPS, Occasional Paper Series Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

Tags: Hong Kong Studies

215 x 140 mm , 47pp ISBN / ISSN : 9789624410150

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Women's Concern Groups in Hong Kong A survey of women's concern groups (women's groups) in Hong Kong was made by questionnaire, interview and review of publications to find out their goals, activities, clientele and problems. On analysis of findings, it is revealed that women's groups in Hong Kong passed through two phases in their development; they followed the approaches of localization, diversification, cooperation, politicization and popularization; they do not insist on a definite ideological orientation but rather work on practical issues to improve women's situation; and they adopt a community approach which includes strategies, such as, educating the public, rallying the support of both sexes especially those in position of power, training women in leadership skills and strengthening the organization of women's groups. A recommendation for further research of women's groups is made in the light of the above findings.

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