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Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

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Retirement Benefit Programs

An analysis of the desirable qualities of retirement benefit programs in the light of both economic ..


Japan's Cultural Diplomacy and Cultivation of ASEAN Elites

Japan's Cultural Diplomacy and Cultivation of ASEAN Elites Japan may be an economic dynamo but d..


Japan's Comprehensive National Security Strategy and its Economic Cooperation with the ASEAN Countries(out of stock)

This book aims to assess how Japan uses economic cooperation with ASEAN states to enhance its compre..


International Labour Migration

This paper traced the labour flows in and out of Hong Kong since the second world war using a human ..


Indicators of Social Development(out of stock)

This book presents the findings of the first territory-wide Social Indicators Survey conducted in th..


Explaining China's Export Drive

Explaining China's Export Drive: The Only Success Among Command Economies Given the cumbersome contr..


Bureaucratic Response to Political Change (out of stock)

This is an empirical study in the first instance. This is an atypical case and cannot be directly co..


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