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Voice & Verse 21/21 Anthology (Issue 62, 10th Anniversary Special Issue)

Poetry from Hong Kong

English section: Edited by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho, Chinese section: Edited by Chris Song

English, Chinese, Bilingual , 2022/03 Musical Stone Publishing Ltd

Tags: Literature, Bilingual, Poetry

229 x 152 x 28 mm , 416pp ISBN / ISSN : 977-230-822-162-3

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《聲韻詩刊21/21詩選.香港》(Voice & Verse 21/21 Anthology: Poetry from Hong Kong)是為慶祝《聲韻詩刊》十週年而出版,亦即該刊之第六十二期。本詩選有中文和英文兩部分,分別收錄了二十一位用中文寫作以及二十一位用英文寫作的香港詩人,中文部分由宋子江編輯,英文部分由何麗明編輯。本詩選所收錄的詩人都是較常在《聲韻詩刊》刊登的作者,並兼顧客觀上的限制和日後的翻譯作業。


Voice & Verse 21/21 Anthology

21 Anglophone poets and 21 Sinophone poets from Hong Kong!

Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine is a Hong Kong-based print poetry publication. In each issue, we publish Chinese-language poems and critique pieces on poetry. We also have a section of English-language poems.

Please click here to download the pdf.
Please click here to download the pdf.

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