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  • Brain Graft

Brain Graft

Laura Solomon/ Edited by Gillian Bickley, Tina Shaw

English , 2017/03 Proverse Hong Kong

220 x 145 mm , 56pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8228-64-5

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BRAIN GRAFT centres around Isobella, who works at a publishing firm and is diagnosed with a brain tumour. She finds a surgeon to remove her tumour and decides to have a brain implant–that is, a segment of brain to fill the space in her brain created by the tumour removal. The segment is donated by another woman, Tracey.

       After the transplant, Isobella begins to take on characteristics of Tracey’s personality. Isobella’s boyfriend, Tarquin, is horrified by this. Isobella begins a slow but steady slide down the socio-economic ladder, losing her job and sitting around the flat all day. Tracey’s trajectory is the opposite. She takes a job cleaning at a hospital, where she meets David, a nurse, who encourages her to study for a nursing diploma.

       Tracey lands a job as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital, which is where, in the final scene, she crosses paths with Isobella who has been dumped there by an exasperated Tarquin. David has, by this time, dumped Tracey, claiming that he loved her only because he was seeing the world through rose-tinted spectacles due to the anti-depressants he was on. The two women decide to become lesbian lovers. 

LAURA SOLOMON has written two previous plays. The Dummy Bride was produced as part of the Wellington Fringe Festival in 1996 and Sprout was performed as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005. Solomon writes, “I was interested in the topic of a brain graft because I was myself diagnosed with a brain tumour.” Solomon is a prize-winning poet and young adult writer. Instant Messages, her young adult novella, won the inaugural Proverse Prize for unpublished non-fiction, fiction or poetry in 2009.

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