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  • Hazel Brown: A Very Special Vet (Out of stock)

Hazel Brown: A Very Special Vet (Out of stock)

Jupy James

English , 2014/11 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Art, Literature

210 x 145 mm , 36pp ISBN : 978-988-8227-00-6

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Hazel Brown: A Very Special Vet is a picture and story book for young children. Adults will enjoy reading it to children and older children will enjoy reading it by themselves. The detailed and bright water-colour illustrations bring to life to an endearing story.

The character, Hazel James, is an ordinary young girl and aspiring Vet who happens one day to discover a way to fulfill her greatest dream. 

Hazel's father is a vet and it is his work that inspires Hazel’s love of animals. When playing with her own dog one day she enters upon a journey and meets a leopard who is in need of some help. Hazel uses her knowledge, creativity and quick thinking to help her new friend and many other animals too. The story is gently paced, with humour and a trace of mystery to leave the reader enjoying the space between reality and childhood dreams.

JUPY JAMES (Chu Lai Ping) was born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied in Hong Kong and Germany and has spent much of her adult life working in education. Jupy is an accomplished and exhibited artist, working in acrylics, oils and water-colour. Her work runs on themes of portraits, childhood and nature. She is an art teacher and the Director of her own company, Colourful Kids, which she runs with her British husband.

Jupy's writing and illustrations have developed from her love of drawing and painting. The book, Hazel Brown: A Very Special Vet, was inspired by her first child, Hazel, who was born in 2009. Hazel's interest in animals, fascination with and awe at the role of the vet connected deeply with Jupy, and she felt compelled to bring Hazel's wishes to life through a storybook.

This is Jupy's first book and she is thrilled to see her ideas come alive on the page, Hazel's adventures are still ongoing and Jupy hopes to continue her writing and develop the story further. With a growing young family (Hazel's younger brother was born in 2013), there are many more stories to be told.

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