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  • (Out of Stock) Red Bird Summer

(Out of Stock) Red Bird Summer

Jan Pearson

English , 2014/01 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature, Fiction

210 x 145 mm , 288pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8227-12-9

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Pearl Green and Karen (Kaz) Henderson are two successful Hong Kong women, whose old friendship brings them back together after many years to set up an archaeological project for Pearl's philanthropic organisation, the Hong Kong-based June Bowen Foundation. Karen, an archaeologist acclaimed for her work in Southeast Asia, is injured during a robbery at the Hong Kong Archaeological Museum. One of a number of stolen objects is associated with Pearl Green's past. The Museum Director, Albert Ho, is professionally jealous of Karen and convinces himself that she stole the artefact for Pearl. He hires a shady new arrival to Hong Kong – BJ Cresswell – to get it back. The lives of Pearl and her friends come under threat. Pearl seeks help from three men: her father, the powerful Sir James Gates; the mysterious Hong Kong businessman, Yip Yee Koon and the British former China Watcher, Peter Benson. Together, they masterfully untangle the many threads of murder and intrigue that run through this story. 


Although JAN PEARSON draws material for her books from her memories of living in Hong Kong during the 1960s, she has lived in Australia for most of her adult life and these days enjoys rural living on the scenically beautiful Far North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. With an initial background in earth sciences and a twenty-year career in various policy roles, Jan has now turned to writing, drawing from her imagination, memory and life experiences. This particular novel focuses on her beloved Hong Kong.

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