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  • The Monkey in Me

The Monkey in Me

Confusion, Love and Hope under a Chinese Sky

KAVON, Caleb

English , 2009/01 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature

210 x 148 mm , 176pp ISBN / ISSN : 9789881772442

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The world is lost and confused. We are in a desert. An ethos of greed has led us astray. Struggling to find a direction out from our souls' confusion, we search for a restoration of humanity. The Monkey In Me is a tour de force on the fall of the American Empire, the current world economic crisis and the very real crisis of conscience in our culture. It provides a moment of reflection on being human, on our failures and our ardent desire to find a place of repose on a planet beset by contradictions. Set in Hong Kong and China, The Monkey In Me is decisive, romantic and melancholy, searching for answers. Caleb Kavon challenges our consciences and our lives. He looks for the real changes that we all must make in the new millennium.

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