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  • (Out of Stock) Tightrope!

(Out of Stock) Tightrope!

A Bohemian Tale

Olga Wallo

English , 2010/01 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature

210 x 148 mm , 272pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-18905-0-4

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The Narrator of Tightrope! – A Bohemian Tale, an extraordinary, curiously intellectual small girl, undertakes the demanding and costly burden of comprehending the world. Her father – a peculiar leftist intellectual, and her mother, a neurotic actress, belonging to an old farming family – are more or less social outcasts, who fight for survival. The situation prevailing in Socialist Eastern Europe in the period after the Second World War – which is both the setting and an inherent part of the fabric of this tale – produces incidents which are funny, cruel, and absurd, eliciting both laughter and compassion. The language of the Czech original is complicated and multileveled, intermixing rural dialect with communist Newspeak, theatre jargon with the lowest "proletarian" argot; and is lifted by the language of philosophical reflections and poetical associations. This English translation of the second volume of Olga Wall?'s admired novel trilogy based on her own life and times will certainly attract international readers and increase knowledge of Czech history and culture. OLGA WALL? lived for many years in Prague, Czech Republic and now lives in the country-side nearby, She worked for Czech TV for 35 years as a translator and dubbing director and taught dubbing at the Academy of Art. She has translated plays (including 12 by William Shakespeare) and novels. Her work includes Long Winter (Collected poems 1958–98) and a true story about cancer, Secondary Profits. Her short stories and essays have appeared in periodicals. She regularly contributes journal essays on philosophical aspects of every-day life. Olga Wall? was an invited writer at the Hong Kong Baptist University's annual International Writers' Workshop in 2008. She is an Honorary Advisor to The Proverse Prize, which is administered from Hong Kong.

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