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(Out of Stock) 香港原生植物系列 油茶花襟章

Illustration by Hiu-Yan Wong (Author of Botanical Illustrated Guide to Hong Kong Native Plants)

2022/07 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

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繪圖:王曉欣 (《香港原生植物圖鑑》作者)

Hong Kong Native Plant: Camellia oleifera Badge

Materials: Metal

Format: Butterfly Clasp Pin

Illustrator: Hiu-Yan Wong (Author of Botanical Illustrated Guide to Hong Kong Native Plants (Bilingual Edition))

油茶,山茶科山茶屬的植物,屬香港原生品種,其資料及科學墨線圖收錄於《香港原生植物圖鑑》。作為原生植物, 油茶別具「香港特色」,此款襟章以植物自然的顏色為主調,除了可搭配日常衣飾(包括帆布袋、衣服),也可用作收藏或送禮的用途。 

Camellia oleifera, a plant of the family Theaceae Mirb., is a native species in Hong Kong. Its information as well as scientific pen and ink illustrations are covered in our Botanical Illustrated Guide to Hong Kong Native Plants (Bilingual Edition). As a Hong Kong native plant, it highly represents Hong Kong and its natural color tone is suitable for making a badge. Besides wearing the badge to make everyday fashion delightful, it can also be covered in anyone’s remarkable collection or be given as a special gift. 


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