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  • So . . . You Have Decided to Become a Physician

So . . . You Have Decided to Become a Physician

Advice to Aspiring Young Doctors

Dimitrios Linos

English , 2020/10 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Education, ALUMSEP2021

216 x 127 x 13 mm , 128pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-237-205-4

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This book has been selected in the “Book Jackets and Covers” category for the 2021 Association of University Presses “Book, Jacket, and Journal Show.”

This book, written by an internationally acknowledged pioneer in endocrine surgery, is intended as advice for aspiring medical professionals, in particular for young people from around the world who are hoping to attend one of the great medical schools in the US or the UK, such as Harvard or Oxford. In clear, concise language, Dimitrios Linos explains the steps one needs to take to get into a top medical school, succeed as a resident, and become a board certified doctor. Drawing on his many years of experience, Linos discusses the career paths for practicing physicians, how to avoid burnout, and the importance of finding a work-life balance. 

This is an honest, engaging and thoughtful book, written in an encouraging manner from someone who knows personally the struggles and triumphs of being a doctor and who wants to help others become "the best physician in the world."

Professor Linos has eloquently delivered his advice for aspiring physicians. To Dr. Linos’ exhortations, I will add my own: Do not measure your own success using someone else’s ruler … We owe it to ourselves, our patients, our trainees, and our families to wisely choose our professional expectations. Dr. Linos’ advice will help those interested in medicine to understand the established pathways of education and training, and to position themselves to then chart their own course.
Gerard M. Doherty, M.D.,
Moseley Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School,
Surgeon-in-Chief, Brigham Health and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,
Crowley Family Distinguished Chair, Department of Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

… full of insights and pearls from his own extensive experience with the Europe and American systems of medical training and practice. The book emphasizes the best programs and the common pathways, but also discusses the alternatives … It is an excellent practical guidebook not only for students who want to become physicians, but also for medical students, residents and fellows who are in training and for those who teach them.
Quan-Yang Duh, M.D.
Professor and Chief of Endocrine Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of California, San Francisco

An inspirational “must read” for those contemplating or pursuing a career in medicine! Unique is the scope of what is covered: What it means to be a physician, the nuts and bolts of applying to medical school, and understanding specialty training. All delivered with a global perspective. The book is a string of pearls, succinctly and warmly written. The personal reflections on how to balance a successful career with a fulfilling life apply to any profession.
Allan Siperstein, M.D., Chair of Endocrine Surgery Department, Cleveland Clinic

DIMITRIOS LINOS, M.D., FACS is Emeritus Professor of Surgery at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and Lecturer in Surgery at Harvard University. He is married to Dr. Athena Linos, a professor of Epidemiology. Together, they raised five children, all of whom were accepted at Harvard University.

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