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  • The Cooker and the Lover 廚師和他的情人

The Cooker and the Lover 廚師和他的情人

Zhou Yuejun 周嶽軍

Chinese , 2002/01

Tags: China Studies, Sociology

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The Cooker is from Hani Nationality of Yunnan, where either a woman or a man, before marriage, could have sexual relations as many as they wish. The cooker was betrayed and lost his love in a big city; he went home and realized that nowadays girls won't sleep with him, because he is penniless. Dejected and frustrated, the cook turned back to his lover, a married woman who was his girlfriend ten years ago and is now living an impassionate life. It is absolutely forbidden in the tradition to get close to any married women and will be beaten to death by the villagers if it is the case. But the Cook cares about nothing else now but true love, he makes up his mind to continue finding his own 'Paradise'. The director manages well the sensitive issue to expose the tradition under the modernization background.

《廚師和他的情人》探索在市場經濟背景下,遙遠偏僻的哈尼山寨的古老風俗會發生怎樣的變化?廚師在城市裏失去情人,回到哈尼家鄉。在那裏,婚前的男女可以自由發生性關係,但現在沒有女孩願意選擇他,因為他沒有錢。他找到自己十年前的情人,雖然她對自己婚後的生活不滿意,但根據習俗,他們是不能接觸的,否則會受到懲罰。但廚師已經不管了。導演從一個看似很小的口子—性的困惑和衝突,進行獨到的觀察, 雖然可能涉及到倫理道德的敏感性、私密性,導演比較恰當的把握了分寸和尺度,把這些看似邊緣的社會問題置於主流社會背景之下,引發人更多的思考。

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