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  • From the Vineyard

From the Vineyard

Penelope Tremayne

English , 2014/02 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Literature, Anthropology

210 x 140 mm , 136pp ISBN : 978-988-8227-15-0

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FROM THE VINEYARD is a distinguished collection of poetry, based on the experience, thoughts and feelings of a remarkable, long, and adventurous life, written in a highly accomplished – sometimes technically bold – style. Penelope Tremayne has a great love of nature – “the wild perfection of the world” (‘Moonwrack’) – and longs for “Knowledge of what drives the universe” (‘The Hunt’). She has a keen eye for people, unusual sights and ancient monuments, searching to understand their nature and true meaning. Many of the poems are deeply religious. Some have more than a streak of fatalism. Everything obeys its own nature, she asserts. The poems contain many echoes – George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Philip Sydney, Wordsworth, the Bible – but the clear voice throughout is entirely her own. From the Vineyard was a finalist for the international Proverse Prize 2012.


“I first met Penelope Tremayne when we were in our twenties.… She had, I know, travelled to dangerous places, it would seem out of compulsion, not necessarily out of duty. Her lone journey to the north of Sri Lanka and her capture by rebels were obviously a climax in her life.” – Raleigh Trevelyan


“A poet of quite exceptional accomplishments...a major poet of our time.”– John Villiers

PENELOPE TREMAYNE, daughter of a Royal Air Force pilot, was educated by governesses. She has lived in Hampshire, Cornwall, London, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Oman. In Cyprus, she worked for the Red Cross and then as a Sunday Times Special Correspondent. For several years, she was a freelance writer for Defence publications. Her Nor Iron Bars a Cage is an account of five weeks as a kidnap victim of the Tamil Tigers. She has two published poetry collections (one of them for children). Her poems have appeared in magazines, including, for example, the New Scientist, the American, and the Atlantic Monthly.

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