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Socioeconomoic Development and Quality of Life in Macau

These are the proceedings of the conference “Socioeconomic Development and Quality of Life in Macau”..


Rural China, 1985-1990

In 1985, crop production in China collapsed after years of good harvests, and the economy appeared t..


Public Attitude toward Political Parties in Hong Kong

Public attitude toward political parties in Hong Kong is one of ambivalence and does not furnish a h..


Popular Protest in the 1989 Democracy Movement

To capture the neglected substratum of politics during the 1989 upheaval in China is difficult, but ..


Non-institutional Economic Integration via Cultural Affinity

Economic integration among the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong (the trio) has thrived despite the abs..


New Nationalist Identities in Post-Leninist Transformations

This paper explores one possible outcome linked to a theoretical model derived from general Leninist..


Neonatal Manual

The book is meant to be a handy reference manual to help doctors and nurses in managing neonatal pro..


Love on a Barren Mountain

This novel is based on real events the author observed during the Cultural Revolution and her days o..


Indicators of Social Development

This book presents the findings of the second territory-wide Social Indicators Survey conducted in 1..


Improvisation in a Ritual Context

This book studies the musical structure of Cantonese opera, with its focus on the use of improvisati..


Hong Kong Trends 1989-92

This is an index to The Other Hong Kong Report which contains a page index; a chapter index, an inde..


Homecoming? and Other Stories

A prominent and innovative representative of the 'root-seeking' school of fiction writing, Han Shaog..


Health Care in Hong Kong

This study proposes a new plan called ChoiceCare as a solution to the problems facing Hong Kong's he..


From One Brand of Politics to One Brand of Political Culture

The discussion of politics and political stability in Hong Kong has been broached in a number of way..


From Arranged Marriages to Love Matches in Urban China

This paper reports a survey in Chengdu, Sichuan on the pattern of change in the process of mate choi..


Economic Development of the Four Little Dragons

Economic Development of the Four Little Dragons: Lessons for LDCs and China Until recently economic ..


Contemporary Women Writers

A ground breaking collection featuring a sparkling array of stories from seven of Hong Kong and Taiw..


Conflict over Cabbages

A study of the 'struggle' to deliver the humble Chinese cabbage to the dinner tables of China's urba..


China's War on Poverty

This paper studies the anti-poverty campaign in Fujian, targeting several hundred backward counties ..


China's Transients and the State

China's transient population is "floating," unlinked from its legal domicile and set out on the loos..


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