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CUHK Art Museum Coffee Drip Bag Gift Box (4 flavors, 8 drip bags) 中大文物館掛耳咖啡包禮盒(4款口味 x 2包)【mail to HK only】

2022/01 Art Museum, CUHK

Tags: coffee, gift, Hong Kong, Art

145 x 100 x 75 mm

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The coffee drip bags, with Yip Yan-chuen’s paintings from the collection of the Art Museum of CUHK, offer you four distinct flavours reminiscent of the vibes of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands in the 20th century. Scan the QR code on the sachet and you can savour Hong Kong through the stories behind the paintings. A postcard of Yip Yan-chuen's Pearl of the Orient (1953) is included in the set. 


Four flavors:

Hennessy Road

Good Body, Low Acidity, Dark Chocolate and Strong Crema

Kowloon City

Medium Body, Medium Acidity, Roasted Nuts, Chocolate, and Fruit Aroma

Yuen Long Hui

Full Body Balance, Clean Cup, Roasted Nuts, Chocolate, Butter and Rich Aftertaste

Cheung Chau Island Beach

Medium Body, Low Acidity, Great Sweetness and Clean Aftertaste


1) Tear open the filter bag in accordance with the indication

2) Pull open the attached paper ears and hang them on the rim of a cup

3) Slowly pour in hot water to fill up the filter. Wait for water to pass through

4) Repeat step 3 if needed. Remove the filter and enjoy

Size of the box: 14.5cm × 10cm × 7.5cm

Weight of the box: 170g

Weight per bag: 15g

Manufacture Date︰January 7, 2022

Best Before: January 31, 2023

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